Fearless Friday Spotlight: Cat Neligan

Meet Cat Neligan.  She's a big hearted creative, a savvy entrepreneur, and a self proclaimed introvert.  And she's doing big things.  She has started The League of Creative Introverts, where she helps fellow creative introverts develop their business skills and find the courage to put their work out into the world so that it can get the attention it deserves.  Here's her story:

After quitting my job as a pixel-pushing web designer in 2013, I pursued my childhood fantasy to be an illustrator. Specifically, to spend my days drawing cartoon animals.

This wasn't exactly an easy way to make a living, but somehow I made it onto the Princes Trust Enterprise Program, and educated myself in all things online business, e-commerce, marketing and sales. Not exactly the creative dream I had envisioned, but it turned my hobby into an actual business.

I started to realise that other creatives around me were not having the same experience. Everyone was complaining about their jobs (much like when I was at my 9-5) and wanting to get their work - the stuff that came from the heart - seen and shared (and ultimately, sold.)

The cogs in my ginger head started to turn. What was it that was holding creatives back? What had held me back? My suspicion was not that they lacked the education (though, in many cases that was part of it) but the mindset.

Most creatives I know (mostly illustrators, graphic artists, animators and craftspeople) are introverts. We work best alone - and love to do so - and it's helped us master our art.

But when it comes to self-promotion or - god forbid - selling? It makes us feel a bit sick. And don't get us started on networking events...

Over the years, I've taught myself to use my introverted nature to my advantage. I don't believe we need to be extroverts to get our work out to the world, but I do believe we need to change our thinking around how we show up and connect with others.

I created the League of Creative Introverts as a way to teach people who are ready to take action and pursue their own creative fantasies, starting with mindset, and then moving onto skills around business, marketing and selling work online.

I start with mindset because I’ve found that once we start working out exactly what’s holding us back (fear of failure, self-consciousness, imposter syndrome…) we can really make progress with everything else.

So... that's where I am today. I still draw animals on the side, but my League takes up most of my time!

Long story short (hah!) I want to help people because I've struggled with this myself. I also believe the best teacher is 'experience' and I'm certainly still learning.

You can find Cat online at the links below.  Be sure to drop in and show her some love!

catrosedesign.com | twitter.com/catrosedesign | uk.linkedin.com/in/catneligan

Do you know someone who is out there doing great things, facing their fears on a daily basis, and living life in a big way?  Send them my way!  I'm always looking for others to spotlight here on Fearless Friday!

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