Creativity Workshop starting soon - Want in?

A few years ago, I was stuck.  I was blocked creativity, paralyzed by fear and self doubt, and overwhelmed with confusion about what I wanted out of life.

I wished at that time that I had a group of supporters to help me find my way, to encourage and uplift me while I stumbled around in the dark.  

Then I found The Artist's Way.  It's a book about creativity, or more importantly, how to get un-stuck in your creative life.  Julia Cameron takes the reader on a 12 week journey, guiding them along a spiritual path to higher creativity.

So I followed the course step by step.  I started facing my fears.  I started trying new things so that I could get some clarity on what I actually wanted to do.  I started identifying self-limiting beliefs and the impact they were having on my life.  I did the exercises that are specifically designed to get you out of your head and allow you to tune into your creative voice.  I learned to overcome resistance and DO THE WORK.  And eventually, I became unblocked.  I started creating things, lots of things.  Thoughts and ideas and images poured out of me like a flood.  I started painting and sketching, I started writing, I decorated cakes, I built things, I started a website and a blog to share my ideas.  And I even wrote an e-Book about it.

But the one thing that was still missing was a group of like-minded people to share this journey with.  I talked about my experiences and what I was learning with some friends and family members of course, but a dedicated group of people experiencing the very same things that I was would have been invaluable to me at the time.

It has been on my heart for several years to start such a group.  I've led soulful small groups, I've taught creative cake decorating classes and college design courses, and I feel that this will be a perfect combination of those experiences.  Art & Soul.  That's what this group will be about.   

I'm so passionate about this idea, and so sure that there are others out there who need it too, that I'm offering it for free.  No charge, I just want others who may be in the same position that I found myself a few years ago to have a safe place to grow.  To have a group to lean on, a support system, a cheerleading team behind them as they take the first terrifying steps toward their dreams. 

Does this sound like a group that you would like to be a part of?  

Do you have a creative idea burning inside of you, but no idea how to define it or express it?

Do you long to do more in your life, but you're not sure where to start or how to harness your creativity and talents and skills and use them to make the difference you long to make?

Do you wish you had more time to devote to your creative life, but you are so burdened with work and other obligations that you don't have much time left to do something for yourself - something that will make you happy?

If so, then this might be just the thing for you.  I intend to follow the material as outlined in The Artist's Way, however, most small groups that I have been a part of have evolved into much different things than what they were originally intended to be, so I believe that an open mind and heart are important to maintain throughout the process.

If you're in the Knoxville area and you are interested in being a part of this group, please leave a comment below or send me a message here to let me know!

The course will be starting in late March and will last 3 months.  We will meet once a week for 1-2 hours  to discuss the readings and to support one another along the way.

If you're not in Knoxville but would be interested in such a group, let me know.  I'll send you all the info I have so that you can start your own Artist's Way group wherever you are!

Happy Friday!


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