Hey, I Know a Book You Should Read!

I love books.  All kinds of books, but mostly those that are inspirational in nature, the ones that help me become a better person and live a more meaningful life.  I've been reading these books my entire life; filing away tidbits here and there, like pieces of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.

I've started to notice that these tidbits will randomly pop into my head during conversations.  I can't remember anything about my childhood or where I went on vacation last year but I vividly remember reading a passage about fear, or perfectionism, or finding your purpose.  And while I don't want to sound preachy or suggest a book to someone who has zero interest in reading it, I feel that it is my duty to pass this information along.  

You see, I love these books.  And I love the authors.  They are like old friends, they have taught me something about myself, they have made me a better person, they are forever a part of who I am.  They have been with me as I struggled through growing up, learning to love and accept myself, finding my voice, and uncovering and pursuing my life's calling.  So, if I find myself talking to someone who is struggling with any of these themes, I get very excited, because I KNOW that these books and these authors can help them too.  If they are struggling to find their purpose in life, I want to introduce them to Martha Beck or Jeff Goins.  If they are trying to get a handle on their perfectionism, hello Brene' Brown!  If they are battling addiction or co-dependence, give them Glennon Doyle Melton or Melody Beattie.  If they are struggling with self doubt or creative block, I suggest Steven Pressfield or Julia Cameron.  

So, Friends:  If I have ever offered unsolicited book suggestions to you, or if I do at any time in the future, please know that it is because I LOVE you.  I believe that I have this amazing, life-changing secret and I want to SHARE it with you.  I want to pass it along so that you can experience the same magic that I did.  Of course, you can do with this information as you please, but of course, I highly suggest that you take my advice.  Please?!

Till next time!


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