"I Am From" Poem

As part of a writing course that I am taking, I have written a poem called I Am From.  It is based on the original poem by George Ella Lyons.  Here is my version:

I Am From

by Haley McManigal

I am from leftovers and Little Debbie snack cakes.  I am from fried potatoes, pinto beans and cubed steak.

I am from family togetherness and huge home-cooked holiday meals.  I am from laughing 'till we cry and keeping it real.

I am from Mamaw's house forever and moving every year.  I am from hiding true feelings and telling others what they want to hear.

I am from Thursday night auctions and dime stores and thrift shops.  I am from department stores on Sunday and shop till you drop.

I am from church three times a week and youth group homes.  I am from fire and brimstone and Jesus loves me this I know.

I am from striving and straight A's.  I am from band rooms and art studios and church Christmas plays.

I am from long hair, clear skin and make-up bags.  I am from curling irons and hairspray and fashion mags.

I am from angelic voices and sweet smelling perfume.  I am from kindness and beauty that light up a room.

I am from used cars and railroad tracks.  I am from big dreams, hard work, and cologne mixed with cigarette smoke from the third pack.

I am from bible verses and "don't you dare".  I am from "good night, sweet dreams, I love you" and the Serenity Prayer.

I am from givers and I am from takers.  I am from passionate entrepreneurs and dedicated home-makers.

I am from un-ending courage and irrational fears.  I am from joy and sadness and smiles and tears.

Till next time,


© Haley McManigal 2015

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