Who's in Control: You or Your Fear?

I've talked a lot before about using your fear to guide you.  I think that this is something that we overlook when making decisions, or choosing our life's work, or just planning our day's activities.   I am often overcome with a very specific feeling of fear.  I feel it in my body.  It's that feeling that this is something that is important to me.  My heart beat faster, my palms sweat, my mouth goes dry.  And although I've labeled this feeling as fear my entire life, I've come to realize that it is actually excitement.  It is the feeling of all of my senses being alert, that feeling of hyper-awareness.  This is something to pay attention to.  This is my body and my soul telling me to take action.  But for most of my life, since I had labeled this feeling as fear and thus something negative to be avoided, I've been neglecting to take action at the very times when I needed to most.  It got to the point where I could not trust myself to do what I needed to do in life.  Once I finally understood what was happening, I started to re-evaluate my relationship with my fears.  I started to understand that they were not ever going to go away.  I was never going to "overcome" them, I just needed to label them differently and redefine my relationship with them.  It has helped for me to think of my fears as little children; they are just small and afraid because they do not know any better.  But it would be ludicrous to allow them to determine my behavior, or keep me from doing things in my life.  I just have to accept them as they are and tell them that everything is going to be ok, then do what I need to do.    

What about you?  Do you find yourself allowing your fears to hold you back in life?  Do you make decisions based on your fears rather than on what you truly want in life?  Or what techniques do you have for keeping your fears in check?

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