Does Your Attitude Need a Gratitude Check?

A friend of mine asked me this week if I was enjoying my new house and getting settled in.  My new house...? I had to stop and think.  Oh yeah!  MY NEW HOUSE!  

The truth is, I haven't even thought about my house, or the fact that it is new, in weeks.  I still adore my new house, but I don't walk from room to room in awe like I did when I first moved in.  I don't pamper my new hardwood floors, or meticulously weed the flower beds, or select paint colors and decor in my head.  I have lived here only six short months, and already, I've become accustomed to this house and have begun to take it for granted.  I do all of the normal "home" activities here; eat, sleep, relax, read, whatever.  But the newness has worn off, and sadly with that, my gratitude has waned.  How quickly I forget.  

How quickly I forget that just six short months ago, this dream home was just that... a dream.  My dream come true actually.  After moving around from place to place for most of my life, I had always dreamed of my own home, somewhere that I could put down roots, raise kids, and live happily ever after.  I dreamed of this home for 20 YEARS, and it only took 6 MONTHS for my sense of gratitude and wonder to fade??  WTH.

I decided then and there to make more time for gratitude in my life.  Yes, I will always be working on the "next thing", and that is ok.  I'm an achievement oriented person, and I thrive on new ideas.  But that doesn't negate the fact that I have AN ENTIRE LIFE of beauty RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  It is already there, I just need to notice it and take time to appreciate what I have right now on a regular basis.

I especially need to remember this when I'm down and out, wishing that I had this or could do that.  It's in those moments when I most need a (gr)attitude check.  When we focus on being grateful for what we HAVE, what we don't have seems irrelevant.  When I think of my many blessings, or how far I have come and all that God has given me in this life, how on earth could I possibly be down and out for not having more!  And what's worse, when I don't cherish the things and people that are in my life - when I don't take care of my house and my car and all of the nice things that I have been blessed with, or when I don't spend quality time with the people that I love, and make sure that they know how special they are to me - how could I dare ask God to give me more?!

Do you need a gratitude check in your life?  I hope that you take time everyday to really see all of your blessings and thank your lucky stars for them.  How quickly we forget. 

Gratefully yours,


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