DIY Headboard

Our very last project before getting our house ready to put on the market was making a headboard out of this old door that I found at the Knox Heritage Architectural Salvage Room.

I chose this particular door because it had six equal panels and would look more or less symmetrical when I hung it sideways on the wall.  I saw several awesome doors, but none of them had the right symmetry except this little jewel.  And apparently a six panel door is kind of rare... I've seen tons of five panels, but no other six panels in all of my salvaged door experience (which is not really saying much, but still).

The first thing we had to do was clean the door.  It was pretty dirty, so we had to wash off all of those years of dust and dirt...  I scrubbed extra hard, trust me.  This door was the front door to an apartment, which I know because it had a door number on the front.  I like the fact that this door has a story.  It makes it so much more interesting to me than if we had just gone to the furniture store and picked out some mdf headboard with no soul. 

After the door was clean, we set up shop in the garage and started to frame it in with 1x4s.  We wanted a nice finished edge on the headboard, so we decided to frame it out and then paint the frame white.  Dan also engineered a support system of 4x4 wood posts and metal brackets and screwed connections. 

After we felt confident that the headboard was structurally sound, we finished it off with some molding on the top, and white paint on all of the trim.  Then we set it in place in the bedroom and admired our handiwork!

This is a BIG headboard.  If you have a full or queen, you could easily trim the door to fit your needs, but this size works well with our king size bed and makes just the statement that we wanted.  This was a simple and fun project that I would recommend to anyone!