Fireplace and Entry Tile Fun

We have officially finished another major project at our Maryville house... two actually: the Fireplace and the Entry tile floor!  We treated both of these as the same project because we used the same tile on the hearth and in the entry way to tie the room together.

I love the natural look and feel of slate and stacked stone, so that is what we chose to use on the fireplace.  The face of the fireplace is natural stacked stone, and the hearth and entry tile is a charcoal gray slate.  The fireplace is the focal point of the room, so I wanted it to be bold and dramatic.  We felt that the existing white marble tile kind of blended into the wall and also dated the house. 

Here is the fireplace before:

Fireplace Before

Fireplace Before

And after removing the white marble...

We tried to salvage the drywall beneath the tile, but there was no way.  It was way too much to patch so we just took it all out and started fresh with a backer board.


We unboxed all of our tiles and mixed and matched them to make sure that the various colors and tones were evenly distributed.  Then we cut all of the pieces and laid them out how we wanted them.


Here it is with all of the tile in place. 


And the finished product after a coat of sealant.  The sealant really added a lot of shine and gave the tile a rich dark color that I love.

Finished Product

Finished Product

Next, we got to work on removing the white marble tile in the entry way. 

It was a lot of hard work so we had to break for a selfie (and probably a milkshake too).

Almost finished laying the tile...  I chose to do a running bond pattern because it has a little more interest than a simple stacked pattern but is still easy to install.  And it coordinated well with what we did on the hearth.

All Done!  Well, except for the quarter round, but that can wait a few more weeks. 

Finished Entry way slate tile

Finished Entry way slate tile

Now onto staging the house and meeting with realtors!