Do What You Can

do what you can.jpg

For many years, I have been trying to figure out WHAT I am SUPPOSED to be doing with my life.  It finally dawned on me that I have been asking myself the wrong question.  I’ve been thinking about my situation all wrong.  For years, I have been beating myself up, desperately searching for  my elusive “purpose” in life.  I’ve been expecting something to fall from the heavens or come knocking on my door in the middle of the night, and present itself on a silver platter.  I’ve been giving my power away.  What I finally realized is that there is no one thing that I am “supposed” to be doing.  I am not going to miss out on “the one thing” that I should have done with my life.  Rather than  asking myself “what SHOULD I do?”, I need to start asking “what CAN I do?”  This changes everything!  First of all, it puts me in the drivers seat as the navigator of my own destiny.  Secondly, it eliminates all sense of pain and regret about my life’s work so far.  I have not missed out… instead, everything that I have done up until now has been preparing me for this and the challenges ahead.  I’ve been mistakenly thinking that my purpose lies elsewhere, somewhere completely outside and separate from what I am doing now.  But that is such a waste of my valuable experience.  Why can’t my purpose naturally grow from what I am doing now?  I believe that it can.  So now, when I catch myself wringing my hands in angst asking GOD what in the world he wants from me, I stop, collect myself, and simply ask myself:  what do you want?  What can you do right now that will make your immediate situation better?  What can you start to do now that will make your situation better long-term?  What one thing can I do NOW that will take me in the direction of my dreams?   

We’ve all heard the wise quote:  “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.”  This is the essence of personal responsibility.  It leaves no room for blame, or procrastination, or an endless search for meaning and fulfillment elsewhere.